Some times ones reputation expands past the confines of there country or network. The Eye is England’s supernatural organization founded by the queens assistant Andarial. The Eye finds people most likely to succeed at finding and removing the problem at hand. Also The Eye protects much of the eastern world often sending people from one side of the world to the other to deal with a problem.

The All Seeing Eye is a WOD campaign set in the eastern world. Your character may be sent anywhere from England to China to Australia. Some times your only form of support is what is already around you and anyone or anything can provide you with that one leg up in getting closer to the solution.
Don’t think your opponent will make a mistake you have to find the means they use on your own.

I made this story with 3 thing in mind.. bad guys are too often dumb, players often figure things out long before they should, and nothing is worth anything less there is real danger in every thing you do. With those in mind the things you are trying to find will never mess up and make it easy for you. You will have to work for your information maybe even putting your neck out for a moment. And I will use everything to make sure your character is unsure of every thing he is going to do. Be it making a deal with a Gentry or walking threw that mirror at the end of the hall that something is leading you down.

Anyway Hope you all have fun cause that is what it is really about.