The All Seeing Eye

All evil revealed

(Since today did not run as well as I wanted it to.. maybe because I did not get any sleep and partly because I forgot to reprepair myself so I will note the important parts of todays session)

The party met an entity calling itself GOD the creator who told the party that he was going to bring civilization to the ground and rebuild it. His proposal to the party was “Change my mind or stop me” his mind at the time being made and unwavering. They were then set free into the catacombs.. “free” finding themselves lost they were saved by the pet Scruples who popped in and got them out into the hedge or a very odd version of the hedge. Upon returning to the hotel they were soon confronted by Abgrund a child claiming to be better then truefae who told them of his plans of confronting GOD no matter where he goes. After trying to pressgang a Mobster the party was found by the strange ghost dog that had come to them 2ce before. It gave them a clew to something there late comrade was looking for and it sent them to Ireland and the most haunted castle in the world. There they confronted the beast and after rendering its mortal form incapacitated it retreated back into the shadow only to bleed threw back into the moral world to kill its pray. Suffering much more damage to its corpus it was finally put to rest when an arrow punctured its death mask.



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