The All Seeing Eye

Dainger and Questions

The party awoke the next morning and decided to recheck some things in more detail. Keeper a rather old fashioned Changeling went to investigate the cemetery investigated the the survivor of last night. The other having not returned. (Character swapping gotta love it :P ) His findings were not reported but when asked he told that there was no one around for the last few days (as one would expect with now 90% of the population evacuated or missing.). Théophas took to looking further into what was is going on at the tower. He finds many many ghost and spirits all within a large power circle. He made his way to the middle and when he got to the top of the tower a spirit like monster was waiting…. but that will have to wait as upon seeing that he pushed the close door button and went back down the elevator. He made his way out and back to the in. To kill time till nightfall Keeper went to commune with the local nature and found a rather odd creature that he decided to keep.

Night approached quickly and it was back out to the tower. The spirits were all crammed around the base of the iron works. Then the Cultists began to come out of the woodwork they began there ritual and payed no attention to our group sneaking around. Well till keeper started meddling around. The result of the combined magic was a spirit the size of the tower with trees growing out of its shoulders with hanging cages and set of bones ablaze with blue flame. This the party did not fight but after killing some of the cultists and the spirit drained the life from the rest the party left. After Theophas reported in The Eye sent the kill team Dead Vision. After a short meeting with Dead Vision they were off and the group went to re-investigate the bakery. They found it to be nothing more then a cover in fact there was not even a oven to be seen. What they did find was a medallion of strange origin.

Following the medallion’s pull they made there way to a entrance to the catacombs and it lead them further back to “The gate to hell”. the medallion reacted and the gate opened. Passing threw they found a long large high ceiling room with pot torches burning and flickering being rained on by blood. As they walked they soon found a great sleeping butcher. standing several meters tall and roughly 2000lbs. They danced with this beast avoiding its blade and staying low till they managed to open the door it was guarding. the rest… well we will see. (Haha cliff hanger)



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