The All Seeing Eye

Getting started

Okay so my new game is ready and after much work and much asking around I think it is good to get going. A few things when bringing a character in. I want you to keep track of everything you have on you down to what is in your pockets. (things like amounts is very important How much batteries you have and how much clips for your guns you have on you.)

Also I really would like a balanced party. (a mix of all supernaturals and character specialties) this will insure we both get the most out of this. Too many people focused on combat will lead to a lot of people not knowing what to do. too many changelings will lead to the party being out classed by the various groups and things you will encounter.

Also should you choose to make a new character for this game and would like to start as one of the members of the eye there will be a special group of abilities your character will start with to better hone them into the mixed groups the Eye sends out. (see the 3 Wikis that start with The Eye under E)

And remember to read the main page :P



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