The All Seeing Eye

The Chaos Begins

Théophas an up in comer in The Eye has been told he is finally going to get the chance to be in the field and will be sent out to investigate the strange happenings going on in France.

Micheal steps out of his friends apartment to see a familiar man standing in the hall waiting for him. He is offered a deal of power and aid in exchange for protection from his fellow mages. Upon calling a number given to him by Mark a rather strange man who vanished into Arcadia some time ago. The man on the other end of the line tells Mich he needs to get on a plain to England. The plain is waiting with (insert any players who were absent and not not with the eye) and 3 members of the Eye Victor Anton and a pilot. They take off bound for Buckingham palace.

Both parties are told the of the horrors going on in France witch sum up as.

Anyone who is anyone is missing (and assumed dead) no media of any kind is coming from France. No planes dare fly over the country and no one stays out after night fall. church goers have reported seeing angels and vampiric rights seem to be happening all over the city. Cultists have gathered in Pris and 2 men were seen with a Shadow following them like a cloak of death.

After the group is together and picks up there gear and provisions they head out by train. They soon run into complications as the train stops after entering a strange tunnel that seems to not be there at all. Smoke bombs soon come into the cabins and metal planks are put over the windows preventing most from escaping of getting fresh air. A gold man is spotted entering the last coach and soon him and it vanish. They gain the help of Ebon the magic metal worker that turns the train into a centipede then goes to meat up with The Eye upon there request with his odd child he is protecting. They learn from him that The Hedge is blocked by a strange thing with teeth.

The party then enters Pris and and meats up with a Baker that seems like he has a lot to hide. Then goes to the Inn run by a trusted friend of the Founder. The rest is for them to tell as they have went off on there own and have not yet reported back to the Inn.



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