Damiano Borsa

A man in an expensive sute and hat with a power beard and red shades.


Damiano Borsa Mostly called “The Borsa” Is the head of a Changeling crime court. They operate in most rich countries. There is nothing they don’t know or can’t find out and nothing they will not do to get what they want. Damiano himself is a smart man and very crafty. He always has a back up plan for everything and never lets anything happen to his minions. He is a Mirror Skin to moving around unseen is easy for him also his highly crafty nature lets him pull off crimes without there being any proof. He is called “The man of 1000 golden faces” and rightly so for his time in Arcadia was spent being dipped and hardened in gold till the gold was all that remained. He does not hate his new look in fact he thinks its the best result he could have hoped for since gold has always been his favorite thing and now he has a changeable body of it.


Damiano Borsa was the son of Armino Borsa a Crime Lord in America during the prohibition. He learned the tricks of the trade rather fast and by his tenth birthday his father decided it was time to send him to do a heist. With the removal of the gold standard banks were full of the stuff and no bank had more then the new central bank. Everything was going smooth they had payed a worker off to get the floor plans and they knew what wall the gold vault was on the other side of. Using picks and hammers they made there way threw to the inside of the vault but nothing could have prepared them for what happened next. The worker they payed off was a Changeling loyalist and had tipped his keeper off that some child loved gold and was planning on taking all the gold for himself. The keeper “The Alchemist” Was waiting for them when they got on the other side of the wall. It made the gate and took them all to Arcadia. Over the time they were tortured Damiano aged more then the goons his Father had sent with him for help and when he finally thought of a possible way to escape he was 27 and they were still in there 30s. They reached a gate but it was not to America it was to Italy. They sunk into the shadows and slums of the towns and cities testing there new powers and limits. Soon They found there jobs had been made that much easier and the time was that much after they had been taken. Damiano soon started a crime wave that would stun the country for many years till soon he had become a Crime Lord and the country was his to run.

Damiano Borsa

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