Focus and Haze

Twins that mirror eachother almost as if they were one.


The twins Focus and Haze look like mirror images of each other and in fact ARE each other. The two were once one and thus can become one.


“Tell me a Story and it better be good your soul depends on it.” These words are forever in the heads of the twins as that is there durance. They have had to tap into the wyrd and being about the illusions of there minds to hopefully one day be free. If there story they show is good enough they will be free if it is not (and it never has been yet) there keeper punishes them and tears pars of there soul flesh or mind away. The two are never separated in fact it is impossible to take them out of the others line of site. If one happens to leave the line of site of the other the one who left will vanish and the two will once again share the same body. They use there illusions to please there keeper often being brought victims to test them against. As much as they never lose against the powerless still humans they are brought it never pleases there keeper enough. Often one story can last a year or more and since they were taken as a baby they have had many of these. They know nothing but what they have become. They had no past before this. There keeper took and interest in them simply because of the stories there parents would tell there older sibling or.. so they are told. They don’t even know what to think of the worlds. If you have never had a family or parents or siblings how can the words mean anything to you? They want to be free simply because they don’t want to hurt anymore they don’t even know what being free might be like.

Focus and Haze

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