Bored Immortal "I use to be an illusionist nothing more." "I was raised by the monks so I know how to do some neat things."


Mark still fancies working in labs. The Coats are something he fancies and is normally seen in one. His coat is a rubber/silk blend that is chemical, stain, water and wrinkle proof. It has many pockets of many sizes holding anything from his lunch to lab tools and often both. It has a stiff spine that normally holds his bone fishspine sword. His boots are the same make with Kevlar toes and under plate. They have a nonslip grip made possible by small Kevlar thorns that can get traction on even oil slicked tile floors. His black pants are simply that. His belt has a pouch for a flashlight and combo tool. His shirt is a causal plane T or fancy with tie. His hair changes threw natural colors with every new Identity. It is normally about ear length but is known to be shorter or longer to keep things fresh. His eyes also change with contacts he never takes off once he starts his new identity. He is a rather thin man standing about 6’2". all in all he sticks out.


1814 – 1824
Born to a Dr. and a Banker of large fortunes in Toronto on Friday November 13 1814. He was raised proper and schooled privately with very little interaction with other children. He was arraigned to marry another rich families daughter (Lara Banks) and together they would inherit both families massive wealth. With high grades and little entertainment he soon became bored and glum. He became detached and distant from the world around him, he jest did as he was told to stay out of trouble and make his parents happy. He was not even sure why. He would attend parties and benefits and balls and dress in the fancy attire. He never knew why he had to go they were long ran late and were boring and he had to see “her” and dance with her weather he wanted to or not to entertain the parents. His parents began to worry when he spent all his time in the study and never once bothered ether of them to do anything with him as most young children would normally do.

1824 – 1834
His teen years were not much different spending the vast majority of his time in study and listening to barbershop quartets as were very popular at the time music was not really something he enjoyed it was jest a way to drown out the world any noise would fill this spot. His parents stopped home schooling him and sent him to a privet school where they thought is mood might get better. To there dismay it did not. He stayed at school in the library and never brought home even a single friend. He would come home late take what food was left for him and head right back to his room some times not even returning his parents greetings.

1834 – 1841
Graduation was probably the best time of his life as he would be free from his parents and could get a real job but that did not last long. He was married in the summer after his 25th birthday. To him it was like being tied to a bucking horse on the other side of a stone wall fence. Everything was out of his hands and he had to go along with all of it and do it well. When it was over he burnt the tux in the fire of the families summer home where they were now living. His wife was a spoiled brat at the best of times and in the first weak everything was done by someone she had hired jest like at home. He never stayed in there bed for long after she would fall asleep he would go down to his study and sleep in the large chair he had gotten specifically for the purpose. If she asked he would lie if she found him there the morning after he would say he was up before her and fell asleep waiting for breakfast. He had been putting out resumes behind her back as he went to and from financial meetings. He got a job with a local research lab that he said was out of town and moved out on his own. He never did give them or Lara his new address. Research was something he liked well rather didn’t mind. Finding out new things was much better then reading what was already known it presented a change for him. One day a worker came into the lab with a strange hat he had found when out on vacation. The hat had something about it that made Mark question it more then he would a normal hat. The worker had ended up leaving it and hen everyone else had left and it was Markarius the hat and Freddy Martin on the radio he began to examine it further. It was not long after that he seen it in the mirror. A spirit was over his shoulder. He rubbed his eyes and looked behind him seeing nothing then back in the mirror where the eyes were still on him. He shook his head. “If you are real you would be the first unexpected thing in my entire life.” This lead to a rather lengthy conversation between him and well the empty room. 7 years passed and the spirit was now something he passed time talking to at work. he and the mirror he could see the spirit in. The hat really had nothing to do with him and even after it was long gone the spirit remained. It was when Mark fell very ill with a virus the lab was trying to find a cure for that the spirit finally stepped in. “You know I think things would be more fun for the both of us if you lived. in fact it could be even more fun if you lived threw anything. I know a secret but you can not share it.” After some time and a lot of fine measurements immortality in a bottle was what he had in his hand. “I will see you on the other side hahaha” That was the last words spoken to him of his mortal life.

1841 – 1850
Wondering the vast reaches of the shadows he was lost in time and space. He looked for what seemed like forever till he came across Rasha again. Rasha seemed a little shocked to see Mark in one peace. He explained the situation mark was in. “The Shadows” was a place where the never living hold power over one another and gifted humans or werewolves crossed for reasons of there own. It was not uncommon for spirits to be attacked or made slaves within months of being in the shadows. Mark had slipped in unnoticed. He explained the levels of Spirits and how the strong enslaved the weak and how here is the only place Mark’s new life could be ended. He told Mark he would do his best to protect him in this world but the only way to insure protection was to ether be strong or know someone who is. Rasha lead Mark back to his body and soon he was alive again. He was no longer ill… it was no longer 1941… 9 years he was in deep coma in an island cave in lake Erie.

1850 – 1915
His parents passed away in there early 80s. It was a painful time for Mark not even being able to attend there funeral or do anything more then leave flowers on the graves. By this time his life had already been recovered and lost about 3 times. When he had awoken after 9 years of being “dead” he had found everyone had already accepted his death. Anything he had ID, credit cards, bank account, did not work or were closed years ago. The inheritance was no longer his it was all left to Lara since she was like a daughter to them. He never bothered to visit the manner as it was better she know he was dead then for her to try and reclaim him, he never even liked her anyway. He soon left town with Rasha to start a new life. He did not do well on his own and that winter he fell threw the ice and died again. Wondering the shadow lands did not seem all so bad this time. Rasha was with him and things were going rather well. He with the power of his friend and his own growing Chi they managed to survive and even have long stretches in witch to explore. Rasha lead Mark to a place he had remembered from before he left the shadows. A place he was promised before he began to think that being slave to another in exchange for things was not as good as it sounded and took off to twilight. This place was a hidden palace still there after Rasha secretly linked to it to spite the ones who had given him the offer. It was now a place only he could find and it would serve them well for years to come. After much work on Mark’s behalf the mansion soon took spirit form and could now move freely threw the shadows. Now they could escape capture even easier then before. But all was not enough when a spy of spirit lord set eye on Mark. Soon the hounds were set loose for his and Rasha’s capture or destruction. The shadow sanctum was too risky anyone could find it if they were lead to it. They ran for the border of the spirit lords lands. Rasha knew intrusion would cause a war so it would be the safest or even more risky for there freedom if one great spirit finds out another is after them. It was in this game of hide and seek that Mark found a rather strange and rare item. A Fishspine sword. A fragile weapon made of bone and a leather like material but the most nasty weapon Mark had ever seen. He hid it down the side of his coat he would need to find someone to teach him how to use it once they got out of this mess.

1865 – 1915
They soon came across a man. Sir William Oric born in 105BCE. Mark could not resist talking to this man and learning all bout his rather long life. But it was only 3 days before werewolves came and after Rasha’s battle with them the 3 quickly returned to the living world to regain life. The two soon found themselves in person in Quebec city. They toured the town and he explained to Mark what being purified and immortal really meant. It was going to be a little bit of work to get a life together and in a few years it was going to be the same thing. He helped Mark get new ID and a new job working for a chemical plant in Quebec. When he was not at work Mark training for his lives ahead. He knew he needed more then his one bone sword to make it against other supernatural beings and started making metal replicas and stashing them in his Shadow Sanctum and his Ritual Shrine. Rasha holds one for when Mark needs it and for the most part is the only help Rasha ever lends in battle with “nonshadow” combatants (or anyone who can not go any further then to kill his body). When he was not training his body he was training his Mind. Learning to manipulate spirits and his prescience in the world. He learned to become weightless by passing his weight to the shadows. He and his friend went base jumping free stile. They survived and were laughing about how crazy it was. This was the first time Mark had ever felt so alive. He began to think of more and more ways he was going to use this power for amusement. Many years the 3 spent before the now 2000+ year old man took his own path to re-travel the world. Mark was left with Rasha but that was not so bad. They soon got into all sorts of crazy things and for once his life was starting to look less dull.

1915 – 1930.

Mark was now Franswa (“moved from france, looking for a fresh start in canada bla bla bla”) He moved back to Toronto and started his life anew. This was getting easier for him but he never made enough $ to support his life and save up for the next one. He had some flings and some party life but knew anything more would be dangerous to him. He ran into a group of thugs one day as they were dumping a body. Having only his pub cloths on he did not have his sword. He learned to use anything other things as weapons and soon they were all unconscious. The problems that followed were tougher then the fight. Legal issues piled up and soon he was at blame for murder and assault. He soon was locked away 25-life innocent but accused with no alibi. Prison was no place for mark or Rasha. Soon he learned how to shift threw walls to come up on the other side. He escaped several times only to be thrown back in within 2-3 days. He soon got into a fight with some prison “bulls”. After mark refused to please them Rasha possessed one of them and with a shiv hidden in the mans sock stabbed mark in the neck. He died soon after and his name was no more.

1930 – 1986
Now with his name back to Mark he started his life as a car salesman. He was doing well with himself but it did not last long. The company he was working for soon went under and his boss turned out to be quite the lowlife. He and all his employers became bankrupt and there was no way out. Mark thought this was a good time to scratch one off this bucket list. He got drunk and wandered the train tracks. It was not long before they were picking him off the rails. This time he was unlucky. A rank 4 spirit caught him before Rasha found him. The spirit swiftly overpowered Mark and devoured him. When Rasha arrived the Spirit was already finished eating Mark. Rasha went to a great Spirit and made a deal with him. A place where spirits would not find mark again. Years latter Mark began to pull his mind back together. He summoned Rasha and they went and hid in his sanctuary. More years passed and finally mark was ready to remake his body and live again. On his way there he found an odd necklace. This item held Essance a very powerful tool. He found his shrine and summoned his body. remaking it from rot and bone he was soon alive and well again. Things were not the same as the last time he walked the living world. A new ID was hard to get. He needed help. Not knowing how to get a hold of that man he knew many years ago he had to think of something that would get his attention. This lead to his news documented fall from the CNTower killing 3 people. He had never intended to kill anyone….. He was angry with himself in a way he had never been before. It was in this time the 2000 year old man returned. He again helped mark get his life on track helped him get caught up with the last years. He told him many many stories of his walk around the world. Things mark would never have thought of. He had been so many things in his life much more then mark had done. This started mark on a new path to expand his life. He joined the police force and became an investigator. He tried it from the other side and became a high stakes gambler. He even managed to find and take a essence producing monument.

1986 – present
Mark is still Mark his last name changes every 5 – 9 years to keep his looking age in check. But some how someone found him one day as he was yelling at a ghost to leave him alone and that he didn’t care if it tried to make his life miserable. The man approached him with an odd look in his eyes. The man was from an organization called “the Wheel” He had been watching Mark for some months and seen him do all sorts of strange things. Walking on water, falling stories to escape chases, fazing threw walls and doors if they were locked, a long list of things Mark could not say he didn’t do. The man looked at Rasha and then at Mark. He said he seen magicians do some crazy things like that but never in person. Mark learned jest how rare he was. No one could call him anything but a magician or a monk. Even werewolves in the wheel seen him as a human with a spirit. It has been many years since he joined the “Wheel” and his true nature is unknown to this day. Purified beings are unknown entirely. He knows why most do not stay in the mortal world most find more comfort with spirits and live good lives in the shadows. Not Mark. Mark will become strong enough to never have to be a slave the next time he projects into that world.

Mark has lived a long time and often regrets having to do anything with anyone who does not seem at least mature enough to talk with. He does not like doing things the easy way, he will try and take advantage of anything he can. He has done things for the Wheel and so far he likes this stile of work. You jest never know what you will have to do each day and he would have it no other way.

He once did a job that involved a little girl and as disappointed as he was about having to work with children he soon found that the child would be the least of his disappointments. A rather scantly dressed girl who as called “A changeling” was assigned to the same job. This person was all but pleasurable to be around as it seemed like it had no signs of intelligence at all. This job led them to a strange place between to buildings where he found a hedgehog and wore it as a living hat. He still goes to visit this hedgehog. The night went on to lead them to a mental hospital. Upon some strange interactions with kids that could use elements as weapons and some gun happy x militant he soon found this was going to be much more interesting as things went along. After a dozen shots of moonshine and some spilled blood and sore heads he soon found himself face to mist with a spirit that warned the hole place of there arrival. He let himself be taken away to the “leader”. He found the man Nicola Tesla and after some chat he was put in a room that he escaped from to go find that his escorts were already in over there heads. He came to the room where they all were to see the Changeling in a corner with a torrent of air around her, the gunman tied down and the other man with some things on his head after Tesla had dome something. After some more talk things took a turn and after following Tesla out of the room the child made the hole floor explode and burn. He went to see Tesla who gave him his cell number and left. Mark was rather surprised that a fellow 200 year old man was afraid of an explosion. The building soon exploded and after a moment to fix what was broken and burned he joined the party again.

After a few months Josh gave him a text that he needed help right away. He went to his house and found to his dismay there were others joining him on this. One was a ghost attached to a book that could at least be used as a essence battery. The other seemed like a changeling or rather jest too strange to be human. The others had nothing special about them. Josh told them roughly what was going on and he soon set off to get some information. The changeling stuck with him. After getting the information by a mixed means of dickery.. and a gun…. He left his now criminal companion and went on to see the lead. The place was as suspicious as it gets. But it was getting late so he headed back. The next morning he took the book with the ghost and left for the place again. This time he went further and ended up finding a cult closet. He put on a robe and continued on. Some of the fellow cult players were playing cards. after joining in and losing, to see what “feed the brat” meant, he infuriated there hideout as a new recruit. After the changeling randomly appeared they found a girl in a cell and soon found the head honcho. He followed them and entered there room as casually as he would his own living-room. He sat with them as they did some things Mages do. Then they got all bothered and left leaving Mark with the contact information. So now Mark is in a Cult and helped a worthy person.

Some time after joining the cult he met a man by the name of Dorian Gray. A name Mark remembered from a fancy party he attended with William. This man was over 80 years old and looked late 30s. Mark knew this was no purified since he himself was older then 27 and came back to a 27 year old body and William looked 25 tops. He knew of other immortal beings body snatchers but they would not look the same. Blood bathers but there has been no Vampire like activity in South Ontario at this time. Stitch Work people but only the richest of rich could afford that. The rest would leave a supernatural but he still seemed human. Mark tried to find out how or what was keeping him alive for so long. This Dorian Gray was not the sort of character Mark wants to see around in another 50 years. As he is as grubby as they come and an immortal should be refined.


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