The Eye's sent eye. The Cambion advantage.


Victor is an old Cambion and though 25 does not seem that old Cambions are often changlings long before there 10th birthday. He dresses to mach the occasion often a Tux but out in the field it can by anything from military uniform to ripped pants and a shirt. He has a rather laziness about him that makes him only prone to do things if asked or of urgent nature. He is very good at gathering and remembering information.Victor is crafty and cunning but also lazy. He will speak when spoken to, think when asked to, do when told to but will not often be the one to push anything along or make an effort to do something on his own. Though when he feels it has to be done he will also motivate himself to make sure things don’t get more complicated or take longer or more effort then needed.


Born to Andarial the queens assistant who was always way too work orientated to have a relationship Victor always knew there was something strange about him. He would often see strange thing or people walking around that no one would think looked odd. It was not till he was 7 when a fie finally came for him. He does not remember how he escaped but after that Andarial knew she had to keep him somewhere safe. He has lived in the working parts of the Palace that are unknown to the public there he was fully introduced to the odd people and creepy monsters he had been seeing all his life. He soon was working for his mother doing extensive intelligence hacking and investigative work. Only when a revolution started to threaten his way of life did he become a guide and watchmen for a group he will soon be spending a lot of time with.


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