Vincent (Vince)

Vampire avenger


In the early 1800’s Vincent was embraced by a beautiful young woman. not in the way you are thinking, he is now a powerful vampire, with the strength to toss cars like nothing or tare the heads off humans as easy as braking a tooth pick. He hates it all. Vince cant stand the hunger for blood and wants to be able to take a walk in the sun without burning to dust. but he knows that cant happen. so Vincent will settle with brutally murdering the one who cursed him. Vivian. Vince has been hunting down Vivian for over 200 years and wants his revenge more and more each passing year. his hate for humans is strong, they have what he can never have, a soul. and on top of that they treat him like a monster, he knows that this is true but he knows he was once like them, happy.

Vincent uses a katana as a weapon, he found it while in japan 4 years ago witch was the last time he was face to face with Vivian

Vincent (Vince)

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