No legs here jest a Mic and speeker loud enough for only the one its on to hear.


This little communication bug is on a satellite feed that works all over the world. It is protected by lots of strange things but the key is that it works using a type of signal that no one can reproduce without being part of all supernatural cultures. These bugs are made for anyone in and anyone working for “The Eye” they are often hidden in hemming of cloths or bills of hats. To use simply try to use it and it picks up on your thoughts to want your voice to be herd by the one on the other end. They really do send your voice to who ever has one that you want to hear it with no way of anyone knowing you are using it. As such these also work great for getting others to hear things you are hearing since the mic is very strong.


Threw your mind like you are dreaming it and threw time like it was remembered your voice will always be herd by who you want it to be herd by.


The All Seeing Eye Tal