The Eye task forces

The Eye has many task forces spread all over the world at any given time. The numbers of the task forces are known only to Andareal Victor and Anton as they are the only ones that need to know. They are named “Visions” with a prefix chosen by the group once they have been solidified as a set task force by working together with there own perfected strategies. “Dead Vision” “True Vision” and “Force of Vision” are the top 3 in order. The 15 individuals in these groups are powerful trump cards almost perfected as individuals and a godlike force together. There missions are always top secret but stories that they tell chill most to the bone.

There are always around 100 individuals in reserve that have not been placed in “visions” or have not proven they should be in task forces. The best way for a new comer to make a name for itself is to replace a fallen member and try to fill the slot in the strategies left by the fallen member. Often it takes quite some time for a new Vision to make its name known but some times as in the case of “True Vision” sometimes they prove to be powerful right from the start and quickly rise up the ranks.

The members of the top 3 Visions are known to most and are hero’s and champions among The Eye with a great deal of respect and command over the others.

All outside taken in forces are called “Distant Vision #_” and most never make a name but one once made a name and was knighted by the Queen.

The Eye task forces

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