The Eye as a court, pack and a home

For all who call themselves The Eye it is more then just a place to work. It is there Court it is there Pack and it is there home. Members of The Eye are not bound by what they will get out of doing there jobs it is how they will help the ones they care about and live with and the world of supernaturals as they know it. They work together as one would work with there own family be the other the same beings as themselves or not. Being able to not get killed by ranged werewolf companion is just as much a part of it as knowing when and where your own skills will come in handy to help him. To do this you need much more then training you need the power to make sure its a sure thing. To do this The Eye has a formed contracts and numina,spells and gifts to insure that nothing goes wrong that is under there control.

Don’t take these as 1-5 dot things treat them as 5 1 dot things. These MAY NOT be used out side of my story without permission from the other story teller. (These are for the soul purpose of balance and flow of my games.)

Contract of The Eye’s connection. (Changelings)

Dot 1 of 5 At the cost of 1 glamor per werewolf per day a Changeling who is in service with one will be protected from the eyes of there enraged werewolf and my not be the target of its rage regardless if there is another to satisfy.

Dot 2 of 5 At the cost of one glamor per mage per day a Changeling who is in service with one will know when a spell was used successfully (if something brought the group back in time he will know it as if he was the mage) and can lessen the results of paradox on the mage by 1 dice.

Dot 3 of 5 At the cost of one glamor per day wile in service with a Sin Eater the changeling gains the ability to see ghosts and spirits.

dot 4 of 5 At the cost of one glamor per Promethean per day the changeling can stop the affects of it staying in an area.

Dot 5 of 5 For the duration of the assignment temporarily spend a point of glamor (have one less glamor the entire assignment) to temporarily inshorshal your task force.

Gift of The Eye (Uratha)

Dot 1 of 5 For the cost of one essence you can breach the gauntlet for your party to travel back and forth with for as long as your Harmony will allow.

Dot 2 of 5 for the cost of one essence your fellow Uratha will be able to comprehend you as friend when the Rage takes control.

Dot 3 of 5 For the cost of one essence you may help a fellow Uratha in a gift you both share.

dot 4 of 5 spend one will power during rage to resist attacking one of your partners.

dot 5 of 5 spend one essence to grant temporary use of a gift to a party member (use the dice pool in the book so its harder to cast but they can use it)

Spells (mage)

dot 1 of 5 Spend one manna to look into the mind of a ranged party member werewolf and guide it thew mental commands.

dot 2 of 5 Spend one manna to extend the affects of a spell to one of your party members

dot 3 of 5 spend a temporary dot of manna (lose one manna per use for the story) to let select party members lower your paradox roll by one dice each (while within area of affect)

dot 4 of 5 Give one willpower to a party member to turn one of there equivalent energy into manna in exchange for it (give them a willpower so they can give you manna)

dot 5 of 5 When one of your party members falls unconscious you may avoid rolling paradox rolls to keep him safe.

(others I will discuss upon understanding them better)

Also being the only co-operative agency and with rather large funding The Eye with the help of all its parts have developed many many useful things to help keep there groups running as smooth as they can. these range from one dot trinkets like an eye peace that grants mage site to 5 dot contraptions like the power coil that can exchange energy equivalents at will by wrapping both subjects hands with it and willing the transfer. Outsiders my be lent one up to a 3 dot after proving they can be trusted. But all members can be lent up to a 5 and with enough “court good will” or “reputation” merits they can lay claim to these items. (thus your character can only start at 1 dot and you may not buy them I will hand them out as deserved)

The Eye as a court, pack and a home

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